Project Felix

Currently I’m working on a four legged robot platform called Felix. My goal is to study static gaits and learn more about legged locomotion. 

I’ve been doing some sketches and want Felix to be sort of a dog or cat like creature. 



Each leg is controlled by two actuator, one for the hip and one for the knee. The design of the legs is a three segment pantograph mechanism.

I’ll start by prototyping Felix as an skeletal construction in aluminium, later I might do a “softer” 3D printable design. For the actuators I have 8 TowerPro MG995 servos from ServoShop, they can provide 9.4kg of torque. Not exactly Dynamixels, but they have the best torque to price ratio. The aluminium parts will be made from a 10 mm. C profile and 9 mm. and 6 mm. tubing from the local hardware store.


Next step is to get the design into CAD and get the size and proportions right.

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