Monthly Archives: June 2015


The update rate of my OLED screen via IC2 is to slow to do proper animation. Redrawing the eyes on a new position every 12 times a seconds was out of the question.

Luckily the oled-js library supports a scroll method. So I went with that and implement the movement of the eyes by controlling the scroll direction and timing the start-stop sequence with temporal. Because the entire screen buffer is pushed around by the hardware, the eyes don’t need to be so simplistic as I initially made them. They could as well be a bitmap with a set of mesmerising cat eyes, but for now this will do.

Electronic Etch A Sketch with Johnny-Five tutorial

I purchased an OLED screen to add eyes to Felix. To talk to the display I start playing with Suz Hinton’s (@noopkat) Oled library. I couldn’t find any project on the web using it, so I decided to make a quick tutorial to test the display. The result is a how-to build an electronic Etch-A-Sketch gizmo.
You can find the tutorial on Github:

It’s a repo, so you are welcome to contribute if you stumble upon any issues.